This Means Nothing to Me

Thinkings of A Late Nostalgic

I used to be Glitterglue_21. But obviously, I'm not anymore.
I'm now Vienna_Sunset.
I got the name from the Ultravox song, and then from a pretty time of day.
I am obsessed with Ashes to Ashes.
I have an odd crush on Gene Hunt and a girl crush on Alex Drake.
My taste in men is one that astounds my friends. But I don't care.
I prefer older men.
I love Stephen Fry. He is my God.
I also bow to Gaga.
I would like to Ziggy with Bowie.
I am an 80s fanatic.
I love vintage shopping and retro music.
I adore Rimmer from Red Dwarf and Gordon Brittas, even though they are the same man in different guises.
House and Glee also lodge in my heart.

I believe I was born at least two decades too late.

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